A lot of people don't know what in the world a SERVAL is, (see our African Serval page to find out!)  let alone one of us! We are called 'Savannah Cats' and we are an Exotic HYBRID cause we originated from the African Serval. In June 2012 we officially became accepted by TICA as a breed standard. We're pretty excited about that – MEOW-HOOO!

You might be wondering right about now… how is a Savannah different from a Serval or a domestic cat?  Let me tell ya…. We are the best of BOTH worlds! First of all, we have an AMAZING personality. Some words that describe us might be…. assertive, curious, adventurous, and VERY energetic just to name a few. We love head-butts and greeting our peeps at the door as soon as they get home and then insist on following them from room to room. To put it another way…. think of a dog – that's right, a D-O-G!!! We do all their stuff like walk on leashes, play in the water, fetch, and hang with other dogs. So really, you can think of us as a dog…. In a cat's body

SO, if you're looking for something a LOT different in a cat… something a little on the EXOTIC side who will be with you a lifetime and become an amazing part of your life adding that special touch of energy and pizzazz…. Look no further – we are Savannah's…. here us bark (okay, we still meow, but it'd be nice to have the option!)

Did I mention some of the things that make us look so exotic and cool… besides our ROCKIN' black spots??? Well...  just like the African Serval we have these awesome ears that are  HUGE and sit right on the top of our heads… straight up!

We have some pretty awesome eyes too, they're called 'hooded' this is what gives us a REALLY exotic look…. almost kinda 'bed roomy'… did I say that out loud? (Shhhh don't tell!)  We also have these legs that NEVER end and a body a mile long… well, almost! Some people think these features make us look bigger than we actually are, and we ARE big but more tallish then BIG, but we DO get big and HEAVY. Some generations, closer to having a serval as a pop, can weigh as much as 25 or 30 lbs. But in reality, we're really not THAT much bigger and sometimes not bigger at all then a typical house cat.

There's just a couple more things that set us apart from domestic cats… we have what is called ocelli. Ocelli are the spots on the back of our ears, again this comes from our ancestor's, the African Serval. This is to trick our predators into thinking they look like EYES from behind and scare them off – We think that is REALLY clever! We also have these crazy long necks, smallish heads with shortish tails, 'tear' drop looking lines down the inside corners of our eyes, and our hind end sticks up a little higher than the front end. 

So there ya have it… Savannah Cat's 101! Consider yourself a graduate by our standards and we'll skip the quiz at the end!